Repair and Restoration

Despite our best efforts and proper maintenance and conditioning all leather interiors, regardless of the manufacture, will show some wear over time. Noticeable color fade,small cracks, tears and wear spots are sure signs that your interior needs some attention. In today’s economy installing a new interior may not be an option if you are selling your car and want to add some value into the car for an increased sale price. A “Repair and Restore” option gives you a less expensive solution to increasing the sale price of your used car or truck.  

Leather Trim USA Specializes in leather repair, leather dyeing, leather cleaning and conditioning, vinyl repair, plastic repair and painting, and most other types of automotive interior help needed to keep your car in excellent condition. Our leather restoration system isn’t just for automotive interior, but also aircraft leather, marine leather and vinyl repair, office or restaurant furniture. We have special repair compounds that can repair tears, holes and cracks in leather and most plastic trim that restore and prevent further damage.    

Extend the life of expensive clothing. Leather Trim USA can re-dye or touch up those expensive shoes, belts and purses to almost brand new status. Our system can bring
the original color back to faded, soiled or damaged surface, while still keeping the natural grain and feel of the original leather.

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